We see people around us often going on a cruise vacation, and we always look at it as something only the wealthy do. Don’t we? Actors, superstars and models often fill their social media with cruising pictures. But have you ever really thought about how saving up money to go on a cruise vacation could be the best thing for you and your family? You may wonder why go on a cruise holiday, but there is just one simple answer to that – a holiday on a cruise is the best thing you will ever do. We often skip all those adverts about cruise bookings in Singapore or Europe, but it’s time to really start considering your options. Much like flights, cruise booking too is at the tip of your fingers as you can do your cruise booking online. There are many sites to help you out with the same. Consider Cruise Veda for your next trip. You Not only get a comprehensive list of the best cruise packages but also a better understanding of what all you can find on the cruise, along with some great deals! 

But first let’s talk about why choose a cruise holiday

1. It’s an offer of a lifetime that packs all your needs and necessities into one big wholesome package. 

You will end up spending that much on your big vacation anyway, but here you pay for food, accommodation, travel, spa, recreation and much more all in one go in an entire holiday cruise package. And with so many onboard activities on the cruise, you wouldn’t think of any place else. The deck life does ensure that you get luxuries like no other. 

2. Family cruise holidays are extremely conducive.

Cruises are known to be extremely family friendly and you can be sure that there is something for everyone- gaming arcades, play areas, swimming pool, onboard cruise entertainment, and many more on-board cruising activities. So rather than walking around a city,wondering what activities to do, which interest your entire family, why not just invest in a cruise deal. But make sure you look for the best activities on a cruise ship before you bag the deal, and pamper yourselves with some out of the world experience. There are cruise activities for adults, juniors and teens alike! And most of these cruise activities are free, which allows you sufficient time to lounge, relax and recreate. 

3. For first time cruisers, the experience is a world in itself. 

Living the cruise life is what dreams are made of. As the staff pampers you and wake up to breaktaking views and feast on delicious food everyday, what more could you ask for? And of course we all know cruise dinners are to die for. You might wonder why you should opt for a cruise line holiday, but once you do you won’t know any other way. On land life would seem drab, and you’d rush for the next cruise line package you can grab! Spas, casinos, theatres, name it and you cruise might be ready to offer you with all this and more!

4. Why just go on a vacation where you can visit one or two locations when you can wake up in a new one everyday? 

Cruise shore excursions have got to be the best. Imagine going on a Europe cruise tour and waking up daily in a new location and still having a luxurious cruise to spend your time in! Can it get any better? Ofcourse the on cruise entertainment is also something one never forgets. But the joy of seeing a sun set on a new horizon everyday is an out of the world experience. With upto 8-10 different cities, each cruise offers itineraries fit for each interest. Be it nature, history, jungles or beaches, the cruise offshore excursions are fit for each and everyone. And best of all, you only have to unpack once! 

5. You have the option to enjoy delicacies on your cruise tour, seafood, gourmet food and those oh so amazing buffets await you in your cruise dining options.

For those who think that dining on a cruise would have limited options, well then think again! And the best part, one day your cruise dinner is Bali and the other day it could be in an entirely different location. For most of us travelling is majorly about food, isn’t it? And that’s exactly what a cruise helps you with. Explore dishes from all around the world as you sail around the world! With some of the best food layout, cruise just gets better with it. Moreover some cruises allow you the liberty to look through multiple restaurants on the cruise. Multi speciality or multi cuisine, you name it’s there for you. 

6. Considering the increasing number of cruises available, there are so many cruise deals online, that you can be assured that you will definitely find the cruise tour of your choice. Cruise packages are a plenty and cruise deals are waiting for you to pick them.

It’s not just train and flight bookings that are easier in today’s day age. But even booking a luxury cruise holiday has been made much simple with options like the Cruise Veda popping up, which help you plan the vacation of a lifetime!

7. You get to meet a bunch of new people! 

You shall be travelling with them for a long period of time, thus all the people on cruise become your interim family and you get to enjoy multiple activities and experience with them. You may go with your family for a vacation but come back with a bunch of friends all thanks to your cruise vacay! And you never know the kind of activities you’d get a chance to enjoy with them. Maybe a cruise theme party, what do you think? 

8.Learn while you say ahoy! 

You may not be aware of this, but most of the cruise ships offer informative experiences as well. So while you’re on board, you may get a chance to experience some extraordinary onboard experience such as dancing, painting, cooking and so on. Maybe you return from the cruise as a changed person with a new skill or two!