Be dazzled by the panoramic views of Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji, an active volcano and the most popular tourist site in the country. Admire the spectacular views of Akita’s Oga peninsula, home of Godzilla Rock and mythical creatures called “Namahage.” Take in the sheer magnificence of Shiretoko Peninsula, an acclaimed Condé Nast Traveler 7 Cruise Wonders of the World – it may just leave you breathless.

Tokyo manages to be a city of the future without losing the richness of its eastern heritage and culture. 

Clean and cutting-edge, the city offers a breath-taking glimpse of our high tech future. Browse the shopping malls for the latest gadgetry, marvel at the high-speed, super-sleek Bullet trains and enjoy the dazzling neon-lit cityscape.

Then escape to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Park where, in the spring, 400 cherry trees burst into glorious pink blossom. Here you’ll find a traditional Japanese Garden, a French Garden and, most surprisingly, a traditional English Garden.

Experience Japanese culture with an adventure in Tokyo that celebrates tea, the art of calligraphy, and the essence of the Japanese spirit. Get off the beaten path and discover Taketomi Island, the site of a beautifully preserved, traditional Ryukyu village just off the shore of Ishigaki. In Kochi, don a helmet and headlamp and explore the cavernous natural wonder known as the Ryugado Cave, a National Natural Monument. Stroll through a 17th-century garden and survey 700 years of history at a museum devoted to Satsuma’s Shimazu clan in Kagoshima.
Sankeien Garden is the extravagant creation of a 20th-century silk trader. Dotting the grounds are 17 recreations of iconic buildings from across Japan. All perfectly balanced according to the season, the garden is a celebration of Japan. Cruise to Tokyo and join in a traditional tea ceremony, and learn how to wear a kimono.
Harajuku in the heart of Tokyo is a shopaholic’s dream. From the weird to the classy, you’ll find the latest fashion and the coolest brands. For a broader experience, head to Yokohama’s 150-year-old Motomachi Shopping street. Hosting a massive sale in September and February, Motomachi has something for everyone. Jump onboard a Tokyo cruise and make sure to bring home some of the region’s famous silk, either in the form of a floral kimono or scarf.

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Best time to Go

The best time to visit is late spring (March to May) and late autumn (September to November).



Rush hour in Tokyo is incredibly busy — give yourself some extra time to get back to the ship.


 Taxis, trains and buses are all safe, reliable and comfortable ways to get around Tokyo.


 Tokyo has more English-speaking people and English signboards than the rest of Japan, so getting around should be easier.


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