Peak tower is an entertainment and viewing complex at 396 meters high. A perfect point for souvenir photo.  In the foreground, a forest of skyscrapers rise in eye-opening density beneath your foot while the sapphire blue Victoria Harbour glitters in distance. Various modes of transport reach the top but the 1,350-meter-long peak tram is most popular. The 125-year old track is said to be the first railway in Asia and the eight-minute ride can reach as steep as 30 degrees from the ground. The Peak Tower also house a view-fantastic Cantonese restaurant Sky Terrace 428 and a Madame Tussauds Museums featuring Jackie Chan, Jet Li and various other Asian celebrities.
This fascinating market is a great place for families to visit. Bags after bags of live goldfish in different sizes. These are sold as pets, as the Chinese consider gold fish a sign of good luck and some of the rarer species in the market can fetch great prices. Besides the kaleidoscope-like display of eye-popped goldfish, the market also sells other small pets including turtles, rabbit and hamsters

It is a mandatory stop for tourists who are en routing from Star ferry terminal to Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. It is one of the most historic buildings which is 44 meter tall tall birch red structure, although visitors can not access the building nowadays but it is worth visiting.


Every night at 8:00 pm spectacular lights, laser and digital fireworks shoot out from 45 buildings at Victoria Harbour. This  amazing 15 minute light and sound show is the top free activity in Hongkong. The best way to enjoy the show is from any cruise boat on the harbour

Hong Kong is famous for dim sum, a meal of bite-sized foods with various selections brought to your table. Traditionally eaten for brunch, you’ll find it at other hours, too. Choose from steamed buns, dumplings or fried rolls filled with spinach, crab or chicken. Restaurants with lots of locals are a sign of quality and good prices.


The legendary fairytale kingdom that celebrates the spirit of fantasy, the world of young sense of adventure. Mickey Mouse will welcome you to the happiest place on Earth complete with attractions exclusively designed for Hong Kong.


 Set up in 1977, Ocean Park is one of Asia ‘s most popular theme parks mixing entertainment, education and conservation in an exciting package. The 80-hectare (200-acre) park, situated on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, features thrill rides as well as amazing aquarium exhibits and performances by various sea creatures. A cable car system links the lowland and headland sections, offering spectacular views en route.


Best time to Go

October to Mid December

Autumn (October to mid-December) is the best time to visit Hong Kong. During this time, you will have sunny, clear weather with pleasant temperatures. It is also a great season for outdoor activities like hiking and exploring natural parks, beaches and adventure parks.  



Crowd-wise, it’s better to avoid Disneyland on weekends and public holidays, especially during Chinese New Year and Christmas. Weather-wise, October to December is the most pleasant time to visit Disneyland.


The winter shopping season starts from November and lasts till Chinese New Year. You can find heavy discounts during Christmas. 


Vikas Kutiala

Meticulously planned to the last details and very well executed plan.
Great and thoroughly enjoyable holiday.

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