Kauai island is known as the Garden Isle is a popular spot for movie locations with over 70 films having been shot here. This is also the most romantic island in Hawaii.
It is often rated as the world’s best island with its beaches in shades of black, red and gold alternately, lush tropical forests and gushing waterfalls for nature lovers, scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities and also the biggest dormant volcano in the world. 
Hawaii offers a tropical twist on the hip travel hobby called “forest bathing.” It’s all the rage among spiritually minded travelers these days and a great way to see nature up close. Hike to Rainbow Falls on the Big Island, or through the lush Hana Rainforest on Maui.

On Oahu, check out the Polynesian Cultural Center, where you can tour six  different recreations of traditional villages. Watch a Polynesian dance, play ancient games that have been handed down through the generations, and learn the old ways of fishing without a net.
It is the largest of all the islands in Hawaii and lives up to its name. There is something for everyone here. From forest trails to lavascapes, farmers markets to cattle ranches, volcanoes to beaches the Big Island has it all.
See brilliantly colored fish, green sea turtles, exotic coral reef beds and more of Hawaii’s undersea life on a Hawaii cruise.

Cruise lines

Best time to Go

December to January

The winter months are especially during the Christmas holiday season, from late December through the first week of January  are the most popular times to visit Hawaii. 

November through early May

This is the best time of the year for whale-watching (whale season is November through early May), but it’s also when the weather is the rainiest and flights are most expensive. 


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They were all praises for the arrangements done by your agency from beginning to the end of tour.

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