Located about 45 miles south of Juneau. Tracy arm, a classic fjord is a must see for Alaska vacation. It is 30 miles long with nearly a quarter of its area covered in ice.  North and south sawyer Glaciers extends deep underwater, putting pressure on the glacier ice,squeezing out air pockets and fractures. The cobalt blue and big icebergs sometimes extending over 30 feet out of the water.
Experience the unique culture of Alaska with a ride on a dog sled pulled by a team of huskies. Spend some time with Husky pups and learn about the history of the yearly dog sled race, the Iditarod.
The waters surrounding the coast of Alaska are littered with amazing glaciers. Be sure to experience the Mendenhall glacier and Glacier Bay National Park. 
Hiking tours are one of the best ways to experience the environment on an Alaska cruise. Another way to see the Alaskan wildlife is to take a kayak or canoe tour in one of Alaska’s numerous waterways and encounter the many species of wildlife that make Alaska so special.
 Major one of the highlights of an Alaska cruise is its amazing wildlife. There are many opportunities to view whales, sea lions, seals, otters and majestic Bald Eagles. If luck has it you may even get a glimpse of an occasional bear.
Taste the fresh flavors of Alaska at a typical Salmon Bake or at a Crab Feast. Both of these quintessential outdoor events offer authentic Alaskan cuisine served in typical Alaskan fashion.


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Best time to Go

Mid May to Mid September

There is a pretty short window of opportunity to see all of amazing sights from May to September. Although peak season is the most popular time to cruise Alaska.



Alaska’s is so bright, even after it has set late at night and before it rises super-early in the morning.Sometimes the sun can also contribute to sleepless nights if you are a light sleeper or can’t sleep under bright conditions. If you don’t sleep like a rock, this is a tip you might want to heed. Most big hotels have blackout curtains that will keep your room dark, but some smaller, out of town places don’t. It’s easy for your sleep patterns and rest quality to get out of whack pretty quickly. We would strongly suggest bringing an eye mask.


It’s hard to find vegetarian meals in Alaska, especially out of the cities. Whenever you’re in a big town, buy snacks to make sure you always have something you can eat just in case.


Bring warm clothing including a winter hat and gloves for my summer trip to Alaska. It can get cold really fast in Alaska even in the summer.


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They were all praises for the arrangements done by your agency from beginning to the end of tour.

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